Sales Lies and Naked Truths
This ain't your Daddy's sales manual. It bears little resemblance to Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich or the other extreme, Donald Trumps Book, Think Big and Kick ..This is geared toward you. The sales game has changed.

Murder By Proxy
Write your mystery novel the Ezy-Links way -a complete resource for mystery writers with all the information and resources you need right at your fingertips.

Dragon's Bard Collectible Novels
New York Times & International Best-selling fantasy authors Tracy & Laura Hickman present their premiere, limited-edition private printing of their exclusive online book series for subscribers only.

Atomsk and an ebook on sustainability

A World War Ii era spy novel by sf writer Cordwainer Smith and reflections on sustainability by Kelly Hart

Half Dusk: Cain
Half Dusk is an action packed and engaging paranormal, fantasy novel. It centers around Nicolas LeVesque, a vampire on the planet Chrodar whose quest is to find the Chosen One, Cain, to unleash hidden powers that can save or doom two worlds.

CoolBeat Audiobooks

CoolBeat Audiobooks publishes cool and off-beat downloadable MP3 audiobooks for all ages. Buy from and Save!

Eye Of Ra
Online Books

Intriguing Facts About Jamaica!
Fascinating and Thrilling facts about Jamaica!

Cryptograms by Louise B. Moll
cryptogram ebooks are Louise's newest media following her five in print cryptogram books.

Create Unforgettable Characters For Your Fiction.
Character Creation For The Plot-First Novelist Is A System Designed To Help Even The Most Character-challenged Novelist Create Fully Realized, Three-dimensional Characters For Their Works Of Fiction. Works Great For Role-playing Gaming, Too.